Winning Luxury Customers by Mapping Customer Experience Journey

Winning Luxury Customers by Mapping Customer Experience Journey

In the hypercompetitive luxury market, what sets your brand apart from the competitors? - It is a key question which luxury brands often ask themselves.In my view, Positive moments of truth (MOT) can set your brand apart from its competitors!MOT denote the touch points in the customer experience map where either customer fall in love with your brand or decide to leave your brand.

Luxury brands must strive to truly understand their customers’ motivations, aspirations and unmet needs. What experiences delight their customers? How can they cultivate wow moment for their customers at each touch point? What are challenges faced by them? Knowing your customer’s experience at each stage of their purchase journey will help them device appropriate improvement strategies ahead of time.

For instance, it is crucial to know how customers first heard or discovered about the brand (via social media or brand advertisement). Or how customers experience when they first landed on the luxury brand’s website. Or what was their first impression when they visited luxury store in-person? How would they rate brand’s after sales service experience?

The ability to create empathy for your customers at every point of interaction is what makes customer experience map-an effective tool. Deep listening is crucial to address your customer’s pain-points.

MOT 1: Let’s imagine, you visit the luxury webstore and interface is not user-friendly or the product view is not pleasing and does not meet your expectations. You will not take a minute to leave the website.

Note: This insight may help the brands to take steps to offer better user experience. They may add 3D or 360-degree view of their products, virtual-try on experience, videos showcasing brand history, heritage, and legacy to enhance luxury customer experience (LCX).

MOT 2: How would you feel when you want to desperately know about your preferred watch brand’s latest collection details on its website but unfortunately there is no sales assistance available on live chat. Luxury purchases generally take place at the spur of the moment. If the brand is not responsive, they may lose the customer to the competition.

Note: Gaining this insight will help brands to take steps to provide instant 24X7 live-chat/ video-conferencing options. Conversational bots may address basic questions and forward complex queries to human representatives. Brands should make all efforts to balance technology with personal touch. Data and AI are crucial to obtain customer insights but using technology in isolation can jeopardize brand existence. Humanized branding is key to providing superior LCX and developing lasting customer relationships. 

MOT 3: Now, let’s visualizeyou are super-excited to visit your dream luxury store. In a bid to serve very important client (VIC), you are blatantly ignored by the sales staff. This cold behavior may lead to losing young consumer, as you may decide to never step into this store or buy this brand in the future.

Note: Luxury brands should continuously invest in sales training program wherein staff should be educated to make the customer’s store visit experience (be it, a window shopper, first time buyer or a patron) as once in a lifetime memorable event. In the long run, this will help brands to build positive brand image and emotional connect with consumers. You never know that today’s window shopper may turn into a VIC in future!

MOT 4: What if, you have done your complete research online and shortlisted two brands for your final watch purchase. When you visit first luxury brand store, to your surprise, sales staff does not have enough product knowledge, neither he horns soft skills to charm you. You will certainly be disappointed and may look for the other option.

NoteSales associate must not only possess technical skills and in-depth understanding of brand history and craftsmanship but also be champion in interpersonal skills. It will help them cultivate genuine bond with customers. Each sales representative should be so well rehearsed with their sales script that they win their customers hearts with effortless performance by genuinely engaging with the their personal story.

MOT 5- You have finally purchased your dream Swiss luxury watch and you are thrilled for its delivery. But, you find no difference in the delivery experience of your exquisite timepiece and quick commerce delivery. To top it, you find your watch wrapped in ordinary packaging. This experience may result in post-purchase dissatisfaction and spread negative word of mouth.

Note: After-sales service is a crucial part of LCX journey. Luxury brands should provide white glove delivery service to their esteemed clients. Personalized messages and attention to detail may make luxury customers feel appreciated and special. Immersive unboxing experience may also add value.